Over the past week (6/24/2014 - 6/26/2014), I attended Velocity 2014. This is a conference that focuses on improving performance and efficiency in the realm of web application development. Not only does this conference provide a wealth of technical information both in the form of advice as well as tool/tech demonstrations, but it also covers a lot of issues surrounding performance in workflow and culture. More often than not I found it increasingly difficult to pick and choose which session to attend often wishing I could be in multiple places at the same time. The content was incredibly valuable.

Over the next few blog posts (as time and inspiration hits me) I'll attempt to provide a comprehensive review of the experience I had at Velocity passing on as much information that I found useful as possible. The main themes that resonated throughout the conference, however, was collaboration between development and operations (DevOps!), reduce noise in monitoring alerts, share the load (don't be a hero) and automate, automate, automate. Over and over again tools, concepts and technologies were presented on how to automate things to be better, faster and more reliable. Scale requires automation.

The following is a list of sessions that I attended (roughly). I'll try to address each heading section below in independent blog posts where I can go into more depth on each and address my take-aways. In the mean-time, you can view all my (rough) notes online (sorry, these don't exist anymore).

DevOps, Culture & anti-Heroism

Reducing Noise


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